Factors That Will Take Lead In Future SEO

Year 2012 was violent for SEO professionals due to drastic changes in Google’s search algorithms. These updates include Panda and Penguin. In 2013, Increases in competition and Google’s SERP algorithms may need you to make plans in a practical manner to rank top to the SERP. Some SEO companies go through a wide research and come up with some effective strategies that can control the SEO in 2013.

1) The very First thing is the quality of the content on your website. In 2012 and in starting of 2013, Google came up with different algorithms and confirmed about good quality of content. The quality of content includes uniqueness and information prosperity.
2) The other thing is AuthorRank as AuthorRank has came out as a major metric for SERP. In 2013, the AuthorRank will add reliability and some value to your website.

SEO companies

3) The third thing is Social signals to your website. Social signals are playing a vital role for ranking in SERP. The social signals like retweet, share, pins and +1s are playing an important role.
4) The next thing is the localization as Google will give more preference for the local websites. Websites that use local SEO will be given more preference over other websites. This will include listing, map, reviews on the sites and citations.
5) The other thing that will play a big role is Media. The files like image and videos will be given preference than the content that has text only.


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