Major Difference Between Google Panda and Google Penguin Updates

There is a big confusion about Google`s Penguin and Panda updates. Most of the SEO experts have a big confusion in these updates that somehow affects the quality of the work. So here I am going to explain both of these two updates:
(1) The First update is Google Panda Update. The first Panda update from Google was launched on February 24, 2011. This update was also known as Farmer Update. This main objective of this update was to control the raising problem of content farming. Some of the websites was having low quality of content and these sites were ranking in the SERP. The major content submission site like Hupages that was having a lot of traffic was losing the traffic. The major thing about the Panda update is that this update gives a site wide penalty to the website. That means that your whole website will be penalized, if Google thinks that your website is having a low quality content.

seo udpates
(2) The Second major update from Google was Penguin Update. This is the major update from Google to target the webspam. This algorithm target those websites or WebPages that are not following the quality guidelines from Google. The first Google Penguin update was launched in April 2012. This algorithm includes the techniques like cloaking or keyword stuffing. The other thing that penguin update include is the site that have low authority. Means if you are linking your website with a low authority domain, then it may affect your ranks.
The major difference about both of these update is that Google Panda update was launched to penalize the websites that have low quality or thin content while the Penguin update was launched to penalize the websites that use Black hat SEO techniques and posting something that look like spammy.


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