Importance Of Keywords In SEO

One of the most important things that you will get when writing a blog or article is to keep your focus on Targeted keywords. Many of the SEO professionals are still not aware about the importance of keywords and how simple keywords research may assist you. It is the real fact that quality content will help you to increase traffic on you post, but have you ever thing that still you are not getting ranks in search engine for any kind of keyword. One simple thing to understand, Google bots are automated things which use an algorithm to rank a website or webpage for some particular keywords. There are various factors that impact your rankings, but the very first thing to consider is Targeted Keywords.

Importance Of Keywords
Google has already state that they does not consider Meta keywords for selecting the keywords because most of the bloggers who are new add lots of keywords in their post. The easiest way to search for keywords is using Google Instant search. By this you can find couple of keywords and use Google Keyword Search Tool to find the searches and then come up with the competition of keyword. Now when are targeting a keyword or key phrase it can be a long tail keyword or a short tail keyword. So once you come across the low competition targeted keywords, your next job is to write content for targeted keywords.
Now the next thing is the Keyword density. It is really a very big topic. Depending on the Targeted keyword maintain a particular percentage of keyword density. The ideal keyword density for a webpage is considered from 2-3% of the content. Whenever Google bots crawl your webpage or content, from the keyword density, bots determine that this content is useful for users for a particular keyword. Keyword targeting is very important, but you should keep away from keyword stuffing. Well different SEO experts have different opinion about the keyword density.
As I mentioned keyword stuffing is bad idea. Exaggeration  of keywords make Google crawlers realize that you are spamming your content for unnecessary keywords. Google do not accept such things and penalize your post. This might also affect your ranking on the search engine result page.


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