SEO Checklist- You Should Follow

SEO is an important factor for your blogging and you need be very careful when you are planning for SEO of your blog. There is not any fixed approach for SEO, but there are few factors which impacts the ranking in SERP. Getting organic traffic to your blog is an important thing so all the bloggers must take care of different SEO strategies when blogging. Whenever you are looking forward to apply SEO to your website or blog, it is very important to maintain a Checklist of SEO. This checklist will help you a lot as it will give information about your website.
There are few things that you should include in your SEO checklist. Here is an introduction about the factors:
•    Keywords: This is the most important aspect to ensure that you are targeting keywords with every page of your blog or website. There are many tools that assist you track keyword ranks.

SEO checklist•    Link Building: This is very crucial thing as it contains external links to your website, outgoing links from your website and internal links.
•    Content: As you know Content is the king in SEO. The two major thing are included in the content are Duplicate Content and Quality Content.
•    Meta Tags: Meta tags include two major things that include Meta Tag of your blog or website and Meta Title and Description.
•    Next factor in my checklist is Sitemap. Sitemap includes different aspects such like Permalinks, Google Sitemap, Ping and Redirections.
•    There are some other things such like Robot Meta, Image Alt tags, RSS Feeds, Robot Text and Broken links.
•    Nowadays few more things are added in this checklist are Authorships, Website Speed, Snippets and outbound links.
These are few major factors in the SEO checklist. These factors should be followed by all the SEO professionals who are promoting their website or blog. I would also suggest you to keep away from unethical SEO way for getting good ranks in the SERP.


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