What Is the Mean Of Sitemaps

Whenever we create a website or blog, first thing that comes to our mind is that how other person can find our website on search engine. The very first step to let search engine know about your website or blog is by submitting a site map of our site or blog.
A Sitemap is an xml format file which contains the internal URL`s of your website or blog. This xml file is very helpful for search engine bots or crawlers to find all the URL`s of your website. Although, there are many factors such like size of the sitemap and number or URL`s in the sitemap, the search engine bots will follow. Submitting the sitemap of a website or blog is the very first step in SEO. As recommended by Google, Sitemaps are helpful for Google to locate all of those pages that are hard to locate. These sitemaps helps the crawlers to crawl your website more deeply and faster.SitemapSitemaps can be easily generated in various ways. It depends on the platform you are using for your website. The other option is that there are various online tools available that create the sitemap for your website.  Now the next thing is that How can we submit these sitemaps to Google.
The very first that you should be aware of that submitting a website to Google means submitting a website into Google Webmaster tool. Inside the webmaster tool, on right side there is an option Sitemaps. Depending on the type of sitemap you have generated, you can easily submit your sitemap here. If there are lots of images on your website, it is recommended that generate an image sitemap.


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