Various Types of Sitemaps

In my previous post I explained a few details about Sitemaps. Sitemap are generated for notifying search engines about a website`s or blog`s page index. Most of the people are just familiar with the basic HTML and XML sitemaps, though there are many kinds of sitemaps that can give many benefits of your website. I am going to explain about different types of sitemaps and how these can benefits your website:
HTML Sitemap: HTML sitemap is simple hierarchical list of the links on a page that are helpful for the visitors review, these sitemaps helps promote website usability. A well designed HTML sitemap will highlight pages of a website according to their importance and make it easy to search the whole website from one page.SitemapsXML Sitemap: These kind of sitemaps are created to inform search engines about the URLs of website to be crawled. It is very difficult for the search engine spiders to crawl a large website as this takes a lot of time. By submitting these sitemaps, it will help the search engine crawlers to find all those pages and index them.
ROR Sitemap: These kinds of sitemaps are XML variant and these are used to describe about any kind of object on the website. These types of sitemaps are more robust then other kind of sitemaps because these support different kinds of formats such as products, events, bio, and blogs.
Video Sitemap: These types of sitemaps have the links to a video page along the information that is necessary for indexing the video to make it searchable for different websites.
Geo Sitemap: These sitemaps enables you to publish geo-content that can be used to search in Google Map. These can be two formats as follows: (1) KML (2) GeoRss .


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