Black Hat SEO- Techniques You Need To Avoid

Nowadays, In SEO Industry Everyone is talking about the major updates from Google to stop spamming.  These major updates like Panda and Penguin  has totally changed the SEO as it was before 3 years. Now Google is giving the preference for those websites that have a good quality and reliable content. When it comes to the major updates, it means the SEO approaches we use. Well, some SEO experts use White Hat SEO techniques while some do Black Hat SEO techniques. In this post I going to give a brief about Black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO consists of different techniques that include hidden text, spammy content, cloaking and some others.
Black Hat SEO techniques have the negative reputation so you should avoid these techniques for SEO of your respective clients.  Here are few Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid:
•    Use Of Keywords: Do not add any kind of irrelevant keywords to your webpage. Instead of adding irrelevant keywords to your page, keep your content focused on a singular topic so it will be easier to find users.

Black Hat SEO•    Keywords Stuffing and Stacking: Do not repeat your targeted keywords in your content that it looks like spammy. Instead of repeating keywords, write a content that make some sense and capture a reasonable density of keywords in your content. You can add your keywords in a content that looks natural for search engines and users as well.
•    Hidden Text And Links: You should not put any kind of invisible content at the bottom of your webpage. Some people thinks that it is a good idea to make the text same color as the website background color.
•    Cloaking: Some of the professional perform this task by redirecting the webpage from one webpage to some another webpage. It is really not a good idea, instead of cloaking, you can use robots.txt files.
•    Doorway Pages:  You should avoid randomly stuff pages with keyword with the key goal of achieving a high ranking on search engine and then automatically redirect visitors to a separate page. Instead of creating Doorway pages, you can simply create some information landing pages with a rich content.
•    Link Farming: This is the most popular Black Hat SEO method. Most of the search engines look for the links to determine a website`s relevancy. Some of the website owner buy links from some other websites to boost their search engine rankings. Link Farming is a techniques in which a collection of web pages which are interlinked to each other to increase the page rank of each page.

These are some Black Hat SEO techniques and they have so horrible risks for your website as these may result to De-index your website from search engine. SO this is recommended that do not use such kind of techniques that may harm your website and your business as well.


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