An Introduction To Canonical Tag

Before starting anything new, I just want to talk a little bit about redirects and canonicalization, duplicate web URLs and other things that we used to perform for our website. We commonly think that a page with WWW is same as a page with non-WWW. Yes, it appears like same and it has same content as non-WWW page, but in the prospect of search engine bots, these pages are dissimilar.
Well now we are on our topic that is Canonicalization. It is a basic process for selecting the most appropriate URL for our website, it is frequently used for the home page of our website. Like we have different URL choices, such like

Canonical TagThese Web URL`s look same but technically these are different. For search engine bots these URL`s are different and we try to select the best URL that looks like the best representative of our website.  The canonical tag is generally termed as a better solution of 301 redirect for cleaning the issue of Duplicate content.  Duplicate Content issues occur when search engine bots or spiders thing that a webpage has two or more URL`s  and these have same content. The search engine bots consider this thing as a spammy content and penalized your website.
This tag is more similar to the 301 redirect as this redirect code permanently redirects a page from one place to another. Though, there are few main different between these two:
•    301 Redirect is the way to redirect all the traffic of your website as well as spiders or bots, while the canonical tag is just for the search engine bots.
•    301 redirects carry the functionality of cross domain means you can redirect a webpage from one domain to another domain and also carry all those metrics of search engines while Canonical tags works on a single root domain.
By implementing rel=”canonical” tags for each page of your website and specifying the correct URL you want to signify each page of your content, you will go a long manner in preventing the most common variants of duplicate content, and by expansion, give yourself the best chance for exceptional search engine rankings.



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  1. This is certainly the 3rd posting, of urs I personally read.
    But I actually like this one, “An Introduction To Canonical Tag | SEO Updates” the best.
    Thank you ,Gerard

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