Google Penguin 2.1 And Tips To Recover

On Friday, 4th October 2013, Matt Cutts head of Webspam team at Google confirm that they rolled out their next search engine algorithm, which is Penguin 2.1. He tweet that penguin 2.1 is rolled out and it will affect about 1% of search results. In this year there are lots of updates from Google, like Panda Refresh, Humming Bird and Penguin. As Penguin 2.1 rolled out people are thinking about new approaches for link building and spammy link footprint has change. This update is not just like the Panda refresh but this algorithm is aim to make white hat SEO techniques effective for search results.Google Penguin UpdateNow the question is how we can save ourselves and get the better rankings on search engine. Well, first thing I want to suggest you that stop working so much on your regular link building techniques like forum posting, blog commenting. Think about creating a quality content, because this is the only thing that will assist you to get better rankings on the search engine.
There are various ways of link building methods that you regularly use for your respective campaigns, but some of these techniques make your link unnatural, so stop this. There are few unnatural link methods that we usually use:
•    The first approach we generally use is the posting content on many forums by commenting on the threads of forums. The other thing related to forums is Author bio on forums. I generally come across that few people have bio in their profile that have many websites with exact match anchor text so this thing make your bio unnatural and you can be penalized by this thing.
•    The second thing is Directories. There are several directory submission websites that are spammy. There are millions of websites that have such things because of their old SEO techniques, but now the time is that you should disallow them or make them no follow so that you can save your website from get penalized.
There are few other things in link building that you should avoid to save your website from getting penalized:
•    Link from low quality websites
•    Irrelevant site wide links
•    Paid links to your website
•    Keyword stuffing
If your website get penalized by Penguin 2.1, then you need to make use of following useful steps. These steps may assist you to get recover and disallow all the spammy links.
    The first step you need to follow is that Download all of your links with the help of Google webmaster tool or Raven Tool, etc.
    Next step is that, make an evaluation of all the links and identify the links that looks unnatural and spammy.
    The next step to recover from penguin is to, make a plan for removing those spammy links. I will recommend you to remove the links manually and if any link cannot be removed, then disavow the link.
    If you do not want to remove the links, then you make remove the pages from your website that are targeted page of unnatural links.


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