Google PageRank- An Introduction

Today I was thinking that lots of people ask about PageRank and they consider it as a major factor for search engine rankings. Actually, Page Rank is what search engine uses to determine the important of a website or web page. Google PageRank was developed by the founders of Google Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin. PageRank is just a program that is used to measure the importance of a web page. The initial theory of PageRank is that the most important web pages over the internet are the Web Pages that have leading links to them.  These links are considered as the votes for a webpage means a webpage that have leading number of votes have a higher PageRank.

PageRankPageRank is one of the many factors that find out where your webpage appears in search results, this may also have an impact on search engine rankings. PageRank is measured on a scale of one to ten and each individual page of a website is assigned a rank.
Nowadays people, who look to increase their PageRank, use different approaches to increase PageRank. The best example of PageRank manipulation that people use is Google Bombs. Link Farming is also another method that most of the people use to manipulate search engine PageRank. Link farming is the method of linking without consideration of the relevance of the WebPages being linked, and it is often programmed. If you’ve eternally run into a page that was not anything but a set of random links to other websites, you may have run into a link farm.
Now the thing comes that how can I increase the PageRank of my webpage. Well, answer is very easy, you can increase the PageRank of your webpage by taking Backlinks to your website. You can buy and sell links with other people, but ensure you only trade relevant links, and ensure you’re not trading links with a link farm.


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  1. What an awesome article! It reminds me of a website I visited the other day

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