No Follow Links V/S Do-Follow Links

In SEO we used to talk about no-follow and Do-follow backlinks and try to take Do-follow backlinks as much as possible. So in this post I am going to describe few details about these approaches:
Do-Follow Links: This is just a hyperlink that is generally used to indicate the users that text has hyperlink on it. It also tells the search engine bots so that they can easily crawl your link. These kinds of backlinks are very beneficial for your website to get ranks as these backlinks allows the search engines to pass the Page rank or link juice to the link.
No-follow: These kinds of links are also visible for the users and they can also click them, but these kinds of links tell search engine bots to not follow that link this will result in following consequences:
•    The first thing is that the search engine will not follow that link
•    Link Juice of the page will not be transferred

No Follow Links V/S Do-Follow LinksBoth these kinds of links are good because they produce traffic. Traffic is the key to success to any online website, assume your visitors like people at a small store where some are just prospect potential buyers, some are real buyers and some just pass by without knowing what the store has in store. Therefore, we can state that no matter how the links are generated, by just means, it is always good that the traffic stays as relevant as potential so that the real preparation can be made to right the situation.


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