CTR (Click Through Rate) And SEO

In SEO, we generally use a term Called, Click-Through Rate or CTR. It is a very well known term in terms of PPC (Pay Per Click). The Click-Through Rate usually tells the percentage of impressions that make a click on your webpage. In this scenario, this makes easier for you to measure that content of your webpage is in the viewpoint of the keywords searched in the Search engine. There is a basic formula to measure the CTR of a webpage:
Click-Through Rate (CTR) = Number of Click/ Number of impressions.
•    Impressions- When a search engine display your website after a number of searches are carried out is known as impression of your website.
•    Click Through: After making impression, if a user is interested to visit your website and clicks to your website, it is called Click Through.

Click Through RateFor more information, let us take an example: if your website is displayed 1,000 times and 30 people click on your website, your website`s CTR is 3% and in the perspective of search engines it is not bad. If the CTR of your website is lower, then it may create some problems for your website.
Importance of CTR:
•    User Reviews of Votes- Google or any other search engine needs to analyze the user reviews for your website content. So, if your website has some genuine external votes than search engine may also like your content and webpage for certain keywords.
•    Analyzing Search Goals- Google has been deeply emphasizing on Personalized Search for few years. One of the things they require was to evaluate the search goal of the searchers. The CTR can also be used to evaluate the search goal of the user. CTR has been applied by Google to not only rank the WebPages, but also to recognize the search goal of the searchers.
Now the thing comes that “How can we improve the CTR of our webpage?” So, here are few things that you may think about:
•    The first thing that I would like to recommend is character limit of title of your webpage. The character limit of your title tag should be about 65 characters.
•    The second thing is the Keyword Prominence. Keyword Prominence means that how close your website`s keyword is on the Title Tag of your page.
•    The Page Title is the most important thing that attracts most searchers. But, keyword in URL also useful. So, that also can draw the interest of the searcher and generate more relevance value in the significance analysis in the searcher’s mentality.
•    Keyword in Meta Description and Body Contents is also very vital in creating more significance value in the relevance study in the searcher’s mind. It generates the text chunk, which is known as snippet under the page title in SERP. This measurement becomes helpful to searcher, when they assume all the page titles in the SERP are related. So, in those cases, this can offer you some aggressive benefit.


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