Bounce Rate And Its Impact

In SEO, one of the major underestimated metrics of any website`s SEO campaign is the website`s “Bounce Rate”. Bounce Rate of a website means the percentage of searchers who view only one page of your website and then leave the website without any navigation. It is essential to note that bounce rate does not measure the time spent by user on the website, it just measure whether they visited only one page or more than one page.
Bounce rate of a website is the metric that helps to recommend how useful visitors are finding your website or content. If the bounce rate of your website is very high it means that your website`s content is not so much useful for the visitors, or may be your webpage does not have the information that user was looking for, A high bounce rate of your website can imply various potential issues, some of these are:
•    Bounce rate can imply that your website have not reliable keywords- users searching for a keyword into search engine and visits your website and your website does not have relevant content.

Bounce Rate And Its Impact•    Bounce rate could imply the page of your website that shows up in search results is not the page with the information the user was looking for, so they went back to the next website on the search engine list rather than navigating throughout your website to find the information. This is the threat of targeting all your SEO efforts on the home page of your website, rather than on targeted pages.
•    Bounce rate could recommend your website has not good navigation, or poor internal linking. The page could have been just okay, but there was nothing to actually prompt the user to continue looking around.
•    Bounce rate could recommend your website has poor design. A poor quality looking website can have a powerful capability to follow people away.
It is very essential to reduce the Bounce rate of your website`s targeted pages as they have high volume of traffic. Here are few things that may help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website:
•    The first thing to reduce Bounce Rate of your website is to avoid Pop-ups on your website.
•    Provide clear and accurate navigation options so that it became easier for users to navigate.
•    Creating content that is intended to be digested and devoted. Readability is vital here but so is the initiative of grouping content into categories.
•    Reduce down interruptions while sharing any audio or video files on your website.
•    If you are linking any text of your website to some other source, it is recommended that open those links in new windows.


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