Semantic Markup And Their Use In SEO

Nowadays there are various updates by the Major Search Engines, that make a quite typical to sustain our rankings on the SERP of a search engine. Nowadays SEO professionals are suggesting different strategies like Content Marketing, various On-Page SEO factors and many other important things. Major Search engine like Google has confirmed that they want to give more accurate and fast results to the users and so that webmasters need to find the better methods to optimize their website to assist the search engine crawlers to identify most relevant and useful information. Even with accurate, useful and informative reviews of users, it can still be quite typical for search engine crawlers to find and identify the information on your webpage. By the use of Semantic Markup, you can help search engine bots or crawlers to quickly find the content or information they are looking for with relevant tags.
Semantic Markup is a basic collection of HTML tags that notify the search engine crawlers about the content or information on your webpage. Search engines crawlers rely on these markups to enhance the display of search results on SERP. Search engine Crawlers are very refined, and they can crawl over any website’s content to understand importance and value. But that takes time, and search engines are considered to deliver results at a quick speed. By using semantic markup tags, you can focus the crawler`s interest on particular relevant information, which it can then quickly make out and tag as advantageous. There are some of the most popular methods to provide framework via semantic markups:
semantic markups
• Authorship Markup: This is the most popular topic these days in the field of SEO. Many of the people have already using these practices. It is the most important thing nowadays as a content writer once Google know about you as a author, there may be several benefits. First thing, you will be more likely to Rank on SERP for a particular topic that you specialize.
• Events- Similar to Authorship for a person, you can add semantic markup to events that are on your website. Though this markup does not consequence in as prosperous of a snippet as Authorship, it does let Google to show a listing of events in the SERP details itself.
• Place- though this markup does not clearly take any rich snippets, it does influence your ranking for location-based searches or queries regarding your business information. Some of the business information you can markup are address, county, state, company hours, geographic coordinates, business name, and even your company logo.
• Videos- Too many of SEO professionals ignore this thing, is the capability to markup videos. This outcome in a very prosperous looking snippet, and can also drive new content to page 1 quicker than you might imagine. YouTube comes typical with video markup if you are less technological. Post your videos there and it will illustrate the rich snippets when it comes up in the SERP. For those of you who are more risky and happy with the code part of the deal, you can profit from having your videos show up in searches. Again, rich snippets are useful in increasing Click through Rate, in addition to probably increasing the rankings on top of other text-only content.


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  1. May I now how you use google analytics in self hosted blog..please tell me

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