What is Google Penguin 2.1 and Recovery From Update

Friday 4th Oct, was the one of the great day in SEO industry as Google announce their Penguin 2.1 update. Matt-Cutts, the head of spam team at Google, confirmed that update. He confirmed that 1% of total searches are affected with this update. This Penguin 2.1 update has affected many websites that have over-optimized and exact match anchor text. There are few aspects that Google take into action and count that website as spam:
• A website that have a large number of backlinks on the same Domain.
• A website that have many links from the same webpage or from the same post.
• Unnecessary pages are created for the purpose of putting more content on the website and creating number of internal links.
• A website that have a massive number of backlinks from low quality domains.
• Paid links
• A website that have a great number of backlinks from directory websites, social bookmarking websites, blog commenting and forums.
• A website that have too much emphasis on anchor text in their approach to create backlinks.

Penguin 2.1Now the thing is that, How a website can recover from penguin update. So, I am here listing few of the strategies that might help you to recover from penguin 2.1.
a) While Penguin update has become more advanced and it focuses on the factors other than anchor text, this is really a big problem for the people and it is the one of the most observed thing that result in penalized a website. So, thing is to balance your anchor text. Do not include exact match keywords because if you take a large amount of backlinks with exact match anchor text, it may result in penalized your website.
b) The second thing is to know about the low quality domains and identify your backlinks from low quality sites and try to remove those links as they may harm your website as well as business.
c) The other things on which you should concentrate are like create backlinks from high authority website, remove all the unnecessary webpages from your website and keep the pages that are relevant.


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