Frequently Asked Questions About Manual Link Penalties, Penguin and Panda

 Nowadays, in the field of SEO there are various penalties from which some of the websites are suffering. Different SEO companies have their different views about these penalties given by Google.  Some of the SEO professionals are obsessed with the understanding about the Panda, Penguin and unnatural link penalties. Most of the SEO communities are discussing about these things regarding major updates from Google. Most of the SEO professionals and SEO companies had to learn a lot about these things. Here is a brief description about the Penguin, Panda and unnatural link:

Penguin Update: 24 April, 2014, Google announced a new algorithm with a aim of fighting with Web spam. This algorithm has changed the meaning of SEO and link building. This algorithm made a dramatically change in the results of Google. This algorithm has affected the websites that had participated in Link schemes and done widespread keyword stuffing.  The penguin update affected the websites that have created links from low quality websites with keyword rich anchor text. These websites include low quality sites of article marketing, social bookmarking and directory submission.

Unnatural Link Penalty :  Most of the SEO companies believes that these penalties are manual penalties, which are done by Google itself. In this kind of penalty Google manipulate that a website is widely attempting to create widely backlinks to manipulate the search results. These penalties are different from the penalties of Penguin or Panda as these are manual penalties and Penguin of Panda are algorithms.
So, now the question is that why a website to be hit by manual penalties?
Most of the SEO companies believe that if somebody file a webspam report against you, then your website will be goes for the manual review and checks the quality and relevance of the website.

Panda: This was the first update by Google and it was launched by Google to penalize the low quality websites in the search results. Initially, this update was named as “Farmer Update” as its aim at Content farms that ranked over the SERP. Most of the SEO companies believe that websites that have duplicate content issues hit by Panda.
Now, the question that most of the SEO professional ask is that these updates affect the Whole website or Domain or Just one or two pages of the website?

Penguin: Penguin update usually affects a page and keyword level. Let’s take an example if you have a page and doing link building for the same page with keyword rich anchor text and Penguin affected you, then it would mean that this page would no longer rank for that keyword. If you are doing similar things for the homepage of the website and penguin affected the homepage then there may be chances that whole website will be penalized.

Unnatural Link Penalty : This type of penalty can affect the whole website or maybe a page or maybe a single keyword. There may be chances when a website is completely DE index by Google.


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