How Will You Come To Know That Your Website Is Penalized By Google?

In the last post we have discussed about the types of penalties and the effect of these penalties by Major search engine Google. Now the next thing to think about that “how will you come to know that if your website is penalized by any of those penalties?” .As we discussed earlier, there are two major kind of penalties Manual and Automatic penalty.

There are few practically performed key points that need to be keep in mind:

  1. First thing is that ranking in the SERP can change frequently and it is a most common practice, but the major drops in rankings in a short time period may be so disturbing. In such a time you should search with your Brand name and if the website doesn`t appear in the SERP than you might be in trouble and in such situation you website may be penalized. Drops in ranking with keywords might be fluctuation but with the brand name means trouble.
  2. The second thing is that whenever Google penalize a website, they usually remove the cache of the website and it will be unavailable. If you are not able to find your websites cached paged in the SERP, this means Google has found something that is against their guidelines.
  3. The next thing is that whenever you find for your website in such a way like and you are unable to find your website in SERP then there may be some trouble for you.
  4. The next thing is that there will be a sudden drop in the PageRank of the website. If your websites PageRank drop from any number to 0 or unranked than there may be some trouble and might be Google penalized your website.
  5. There are few online tools where you can look for the number of backlinks and try to find out the major problem that may penalize you and a self-analysis of the website will give a quick evaluation of the backlinks.

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