On-Page SEO Checklist – Few Important Tips

Nowadays, in the SEO industry people are talking about the various On-Page SEO factors. There are many things to consider when we talk about the on page factors. Some of the major factors are as follows:

  • Keyword Research: This is the most important aspect of any website that you are going to optimize. There is lot of tention when selecting the keywords for a website. According to my day to day work, I learned that selecting the keywords which are low in competition and high in search volume makes a difference. Some of the times we see that some of the competitive keywords which we use in our daily life have a low competition with low searches in Google but I think this is just an automated tool which suggests keywords, not in a perfect manner. So be careful while selecting the keywords, Go for the keywords that cover your core business services and have a good search volume over the search engine.


  • Meta Tags: Meta tags are the first and most important aspect of on page SEO factors. Meta tags include Title Tag and description. The length of the title tag should not be more than 60 characters as Google bot can`t  read the title of more than 60 character. We can see this thing in following example:

The Meta description is another important Meta tag. The Meta description should not be more than 165 character as Google will not read description of more than 165 characters. These two are the most important Meta tags that should be properly optimized. There should be different Meta tags for different pages and each page should have unique Meta.

  • Canonical or 301 : we have discussed this thing before as it will be good idea to use canonical for redirection as this will pass the link value to the redirected page.
  • Geo Meta Tags: The impact of Rdfa and Micro data can be seen nowadays. The micro data meta is useful for the local search results as it also include the use of Geo Location meta data and Rich Snippets which are becoming the most important aspects of the local SEO.

  •  Sitemap and Robots: Sitemap and Robots.txt files have already shown there impacts as both of these are helpful for search engines to crawl a website. A website should have both HTML and XML sitemap with robots.txt file.
  • Rich Snippets: Nowadays, In SEO Rich Snippets like Authorship Markup, GEO markup are playing a vital role and you should also look for such important things.

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