5 SEO mistakes that Can Destroy Your Site

There is one motive of any SEO campaign and that is to get the website to the top of the Google’ search engine ranking page. But there are people who may be making mistakes that hurt the chances of getting the top position. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when doing SEO:

1. Not Optimizing the Webpages:

Not Optimizing the Webpages

Most of the people believe that producing high-quality content is enough to get their website ranked. But even the content will not make up for a lack of SEO practices. You still need to make your website in such a way that search engine can easily index the website and there is a long list of the things to do. Here are some of them:

• Make the URL Structure SEO-friendly
• Optimizing Title of the respective pages with the relevant keywords
• Wrapping the blog post title in Heading Tag
• Wrapping subheading of the blog post in H2
• Use the keywords in Content
• Using responsive and mobile-friendly design for the pages

2. Low Number of Quality Backlinks:

Ensure that you have the enough number of high-quality backlinks to the content using different link building techniques like guest blogging, local citations and creating the content that people are likely to link.

3. Guest Blogging Without Proper Strategy:

Writing content for third-party sites is a great way to gain exposure and boost the traffic hence leads, but you need to be careful only to publish on authority websites in your niche. You need to examine the website, you want to write for because publishing the content for the spammy or low-quality site could penalize your website and it may also damage the reputation of your business. Check the website of the authority and see if its visitors matches your target audience.

4. Lack of Promotion:

You need to promote and distribute the content to get yourself heard. In order to promote the content, you will need to create a strategy. There are different channels like the email list, social media, paid distribution or all three.

5. Ignoring the importance of Internal Link:

Ignoring the importance of Internal Link
Internal linking is one of the most important aspects of ranking as well as user experience. Linking to other pages or posts help to distribute the link equality throughout the site and also increases page views of the website. Some of the best practices for internal link include: linking to highly relevant content only; use of natural anchor text; linking to the deep pages to distribute the link equity throughout the website.


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